The Ripple Effect



What are ACEs?

ACEs are volunteer Alcohol and drug Community Engagers.

“Volunteering is the giving of time and energy through a third party, which can bring measurable benefits to the volunteer, individual beneficiaries, groups, organisations, communities, environment and society at large. It is a choice undertaken of one’s own free will, and is not motivated by financial gain or for wage or salary.”

Source: Scottish Executive Volunteering Strategy, 2004.

As an ACE you can…

  • gain experience in carrying out community consultations on the subject of alcohol, drugs and related anti-social behaviour issues to help inform more effective solutions from service providers.
  • be trained in a variety of related topics which will develop your interests and skills. – be given the opportunity to meet new people, learn new skills and gain experience in tackling some of Glasgow’s most entrenched and complex issues.
  • work across jointly agreed action plans to deliver community led responses to alcohol and drug issues.
  • make a real difference to your community by reducing the impact of alcohol and making your community safer.
  • be involved in Community Alcohol Campaigns, influencing the Licensing Board and much more! Please see handbook for more info – click here

Useful Reporting Tools

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